National Youth Forum of Bangladesh is an organization that works for variety of issues related to young people.

Among our number of activities, one of the most important is leadership development in youths. As a part of that program, we organize Bangladesh Youth Parliament almost in every years since 2010.

In our parliament we give the most priority to our youth participants. Each participant is a Parliamentarian. These Parliamentarians speak about different issues related to our country. They raise questions, they discuss about issues among them, they propose bill (proposal) and they pass or emend that bill by vote.

They work on that bill (proposal/recommendation) till the next parliament. They go to different stakeholders and work as lobbyist group to make them adopt their bill.

This year Bangladesh Youth Parliament achieved a great success. Around 460 participants attended the event. The theme of the parliament was Ensuring Democracy and Rule of Law in Bangladesh. 
More than 1000 Youth applied through online to participate the event. And only 400 were selected. 
Young Generation representatives like #ZonayedSaki#BobbyHazzaz#AnisulHuq were present in the parliament. 
Senior Politician and BNP Secretary General #MirzaFakhrulIslamAlamgir spoke about the expectations of the nation from the young people to achieve development for the country.

The proposals; those were taken in the parliament will be implemented by the members of Youth Forum.

Special thanks to M Aminul Islam Munir, President-Youth Forum, Jashim Abdul Momin, Vice President-Youth Forum, Shahif Kazal, Former Secretary General-Youth Forum and Chair-2019 Youth Parliament, Adv Sresto Ahmed Ratan, Chief Coordinator-Youth Forum, Shohan Hafiz, Newly Elected Secretary General-Youth Forum, Nirob Islam Mamun, Head-Bangaleer Pathshala for arranging such a great event.

Thanks to Reyad Morshed Shihab and other members of #BRI for working as the co-organizer of the event. They did a great job indeed.

Thanks to all other unnamed heroes those worked to make the event successful.

Thanks to the Founder President of National Youth Forum of Bangladesh Golam Rabbani Nayan Bangalee for his every support from the back of the stage.

Last but not least a bunch of thanks to all the participants and media members for taking the Parliament to that level.