Rohingya Refugee Project

Bangaleer Patshala Present Activity And Future Plan

All the activities are executed in 3 different zones. The project activities are operating in two shifts from 9 am to 2 pm and each shift runs for two and half an hour. The project will start from january 2019.

In play-zone, children do different physical activity and play indoor games, share various memorable experiences, act out, sing, recite and perform dances.

In creative and learning zone, children do some logical activities, art and craft works. Here they also discuss about general knowledge, safety issues, hygiene and manners related information to develop positive social and conflict resolution skills.

In digital-zone children watch recreational and informative child-friendly videos and documentaries to enjoy and to develop emotion regulation and positive social skills.

Psychosocial Support for Future
In safe haven project we will provide counseling support to handle different psychological situations of the children. A counselor will visit safe haven project zone once in a month to talk and listen their problems to counsel them so that they can alleviate post traumatic disorder and to cope up with the problems for coming out from the situation. This will help the children to recover their bad experiences easily and come back to their normal life. This counseling support will start from the month of April, 2018 based on the initial diagnosis of the children.

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At a Glance
Members 60
workplace Bangladesh
Running Project. 4
Project workplace Dhaka, Comilla, Kisorgonj, Brahmanbaria
Our Focus Point Education
Up Coming Event clothes distribution to poor
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What do we do
Education 85%
Awareness 70%
Report & Resources 55%
Health 20%
School of Leadership 88%
Ideas & Impact 11.5%


How Can You Help

DONATE MONEY Contribute in our mission to breaking the cycle of poverty through education.
SPONSOR A CHILD Support a child’s monthly education cost and help build an enlightened community.
BECOME VOLUNTEER Join our Volunteer platform and let us rebuild the nation.

Science Fair

donate 9%

​You can inspire our 100+ underprivileged children nationwide by sponsoring our annual science-fair events.

Education for Children

donate 8%

You can help kids Bangladesh build a strong foundation for the future.. Every child has the right to an education.

Sponsor a Child

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Sponsor a child in need. Make a connection. Change a child’s life..

 How we work

We have a strong volunteer team . All we are Youth Social worker and collecting subscriptions from our team members monthly to conduct this school since 2015.

 Our Work Principal

Our work principal Bangaleer Patshala One rich child will take responsibility of one poor child Refugee children are not our burden.

 Our Vision & Mission

To create a society - free of exploitation, discrimination and violence, to enable it to reach its ultimate socioeconomic potential. To bring about substantial improvement in the lives of disadvantaged people/children with special emphasis on their education and nourishment.